This is the new homepage of the “Movebank Acceleration Viewer”. The “Acceleration Viewer” can visualize acceleration- and gps-data that were acquired by e-obs telemetry tags. Since the community site for the Movebank project is still under construction, I’ve created a temporary home for this little tool. The growing interest for documentation and the easier communication with the users (you!) made this an obvious step. I hope this undertaking will streamline the future interactions with you and improve the application and its usability.

Please be aware that Movebank undergone some changes in the last months and with the release of the current Movebank web-site on April 12, 2011 the old versions of the “Acceleration Viewer” can no longer connect to the Movebank server. The decision was made that there will be no backward compatibility with previously downloaded data. Therefore you will need to download all acceleration data again to work with the new version of the tool. If you have old annotated data that you need to access please send me a note. Sorry for causingyou inconvenience.

Because of ongoing changes to the Movebank database copies of all studies which contain acceleration data were created. This copies have a “new” appended to the original study name. Please use this “new” studies for downloading your tag data. The names will be changed back to the original name at some time in the future.

Documentation can be found here. It’s still work in progress and I would appreciate your feedback.

Because the Acceleration Viewer is based on “Java WebStart Technology” you can start it on most computers by simply clicking on this link: Launch latest “Movebank Acceleration Viewer” release

Don’t hesitate to send me your questions or opinions via leaving comments on this site or via sending me email (mcb77@gmx.de).


Download problems

Some users have experienced problems with data downloads from the Movebank server. First it looks like the download finished successfully but then there isn’t any visible data. Often the cause of this behavior is that you don’t have the necessary download permissions for a study. Please read this page about Movebank permissions and how they relate to the Acceleration Viewer.